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Quantum Leap fanfic links

A Quantum Leap round robin in progress August 11 2000!!, now finished
AJ's fan fiction
The Unrightable Wrong
Christina's Story Archive
Ziggy's fanfic archive
ETC: A Quantum Leap Fan-Fic Story
Judy's Home Page
Kerri's Quantum Leap Fan Fiction
Under A Quantum Moon
Leap in the Morning, Sailors Take Warning
Lenora's Fiction Archive
Like Mother, Like Great-Granddaughter
Phoenix Virtual Television's Seventh Season of Quantum Leap
Project Quantum Leap
Quantum Fiction
Zigfreid's Quantum Leap Fan Fiction page
Brian's Quantum Leap Fan-Fiction Page
Al-coholic FanFic
Quantum Leap round robins
Lal's Library
McMillan's Quantum Leap Fan Fiction
Picture Perfect
The Angels Turn Their Backs On Some
The Fake Book
Writer's Block
A Leap For the Future and Past
The Calla Lilly League
JJ's fanfiction
The Al Pal Page
The Leaps of Our Lives
Calavicci's Gal's fanfic
Quantum Leap Multiverse
Cyberkat's Fan Fiction Asylum Feb 24 2000!!
The Blue Fenix Home Page Feb 24 2000!!
Kevin Matsumoto's Forever Knight/Highlander/X-files Webpage March 9 2000!!
OUTATIME March 25 2000!!
Quantum Leap: The Final Trip April 3 2000!!
The Manor Library April 16 2000!!
Quantum Leap: Then and Now June 2 2000!!
Strange Tales June 27 2000!!
Last Leap June 27 2000!!
Quantum T June 27 2000!!
Marina's Miscellaneous and Crossover Stories June 27 2000!!
A.S.C. Archive Index June 27 2000!!
TPFICT Archive June 27 2000!!
Golden Opportunity June 27 2000!!
GTA EE Crossover index June 27 2000!!
The Witness June 27 2000!!
Now that you've read all that fanfic, maybe you'd like to try writing some of your own. Here are some ideas to help you along April 23 2000!!