"Jesus is the only card I have left to play, but with that Card, I'll win the game." - Travis Allen 1981-99, Class of 2000, Auburn Adventist Academy

U ferryboat's TS drabbles

Special thanks to Dolphin, who proofread all my stories, even though she is not a TS fan.

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, if I did, the show would still be running. And like most of the fanfic writer's I've read, I have no money. I do, however, have lots of apples, if you want some.

note: None of my stories have graphic love in them, and I don't usally use swear words, so there shouldn't be too much language either.

Rubber Bonding, Er, Banding (9-28-00) My first drabble, a little male bonding :P

Explosion (9-29-00) My second drabble, Blair has a little too much work

Listen (10-13-00) Jim uses his senses

Stakeout (10-14-00) Blair and cold

Bouncing (10-15-00) Blair and a made bed

Rubber Duck epic (10-15-00 - 11-03-00) It's all about the duck

Puppy Love (10-16-00) A response to the CT Awful fic challenge

Testing (10-16-00) A Sentinel test

Support (10-17-00) Blair angst

Cat Toys (10-17-00) Blair gets something for Jim

Storytime (10-18-00) Jim and kids

Power Outage (10-20-00) The power goes out at the loft

Crocheting (10-21-00) The boys take up a new hobby

Fishing (10-21-00) A fish tale

Itchy (10-22-00) Always watch where you're going

Berry trilogy (10-26-00 - 11-16-00) Blair tries something new

Fanfiction (11-02-00) a creative excuse for late work

Heat Wave (11-03-00) Hot sweaty Blair (yes, it's still G rated :P)

Kiss (11-07-00) (PG-13) It's not always a good thing to have strong senses

Sore (11-08-00) Jim needs relief

Autumn (11-11-00) Friendship and nature

Entertainment (11-11-00) Jim the softy

Fortune (11-11-00) Beware of Chinese fortunes

Safety (11-12-00) Some things you never grow out of

Late Nights (11-14-00) Blair being evil

At the Beach (11-16-00) Beachtime fun

Reading (11-17-00) Jim has a secret

Distraction (11-18-00) What to do in boring meetings

Second Verse Same as the First (11-18-00) Another thing to do in boring meetings

Thanksgiving Humor (11-22-00) Too much fun cooking

Thank You (11-22-00) The day after Thanksgiving

Bad Teachers (11-27-00) Some people just shouldn't be teachers

Bullet (12-01-00) What a difference aim makes

Sentinel Radar (12-02-00) misusing your sentinel

Housebroken (12-05-00) Blair is getting trained

Is series (12-06-00 - 01-30-01) Blair and Jim have thoughts about each other

Stay in the Truck (12-07-00) Sometimes Blair follows directions

Offspring (12-09-00) Is Blair keeping a secret?

Problem (12-09-00) Jim is given something unexpected to deal with

Embarrassment (12-10-00) getting back at bad teachers

Babysitting (12-11-00) The loft as a safehouce

Nightmare (12-12-00) Not what you'd expect

Cover Wars (12-14-00) The cold meets the warm

Dreaming (12-14-00) Do you want to know?

Body Heat (12-15-00) wouldn't the ladies all like to try this?

Payment (12-16-00) Something unexpected

Snow (12-16-00) The first snowfall

Substitute (12-16-00) Blair subs

Christmas by Hundreds (12-18-00 - 01-21-01) A typical Christmas story

Dinner (12-23-00) Some harmless fluff

Midnight Poetry (12-23-00) Don't stay up too late

Scaning (12-23-00) never play with your scanner

Typo (12-30-00) Somebodies been grading to many papers

Advice (01-03-01) Blair gets some good advice

Undercover (01-06-01 - 01-13-01) Blair and Jim are undercover

Auto Mechanics (01-10-01) Blair offers help to some coeds

Houserules (01-07-01) Jim lays down the law

Jan themefic (01-18-01 - 01-20-01) Blair has an unusual talent

Patchwork (01-22-01) Some smarm

Hair (01-23-01) Jim offers Blair some help

Socks (01-27-01) a half drabble

Faux Pas (01-20-01) Blair makes a booboo

Pieced Together (01-28-01) more smarm, sequal to Patchwork

Temptation (01-30-01) Jim doesn't listen to Blair

Unfreezing (01-30-01) Blair offers to help

Boredom (01-03-01) Blair and boredom don't mix

Ashes (02-10-01) Blair finds something interesting on the internet *Warning, black humor, may offend some people, read at your own risk

Snowed In (02-16-01) Blair should have been prepared

Asleep (02-28-01) Jim has a problem

Confusion (02-28-01) Blair missed something big

Pop! (03-02-01) Jim is a tease

Sweetheart (03-02-01) Jim, Blair, Sweetheart, and a bad guy

Cooking (03-03-01) Blair gets creative with his cooking

Candles (03-04-01) The boys experience one of life's simple pleasures

Lunch (03-04-01) How to get a free lunch

Morgue (03-04-01) You learn something new everyday

Waxing (03-08-01) Jim gets carried away

Panic (03-09-01) Just what Blair needs

St. Patrick's Day (03-15-01 - 04-07-01) A St. Paddy's Day surprise has an unexpected twist

Memories (03-15-01) Old memories are replaced with new ones

Pinky (03-15-01) The simple truth about two friends

Ticking (03-15-01) Jim gets annoyed

Tour Guide (03-16-01) Jim gets an unwanted duty

Creativity (03-17-01) Blair gets bored in class

Bubbles (03-22-01) A place for everything and everything in it's place

Busted (03-22-01) Blair gets caught

Spellbound (03-26-01) Jim sees the rainbow

Lost (03-29-01) Blair looses something important

Pitching (03-31-01) An unexpected happening on the field

Kitty (04-07-01) It's all in how you accessorize

Stink (04-07-01) Times to be glad you're not a Sentinel

Gadgets (04-14-01) Boys and their toys

Hugs (04-26-01) Megan gets a surprise

Temporary (05-12-01) It may be temporary, but it's still home

Stupidity (06-04-01) Crime doesn't pay, but Stupidity is costly

Hic (06-10-01) There's a slight hicup in Jim's testimony

Practice (06-10-01) Jim gives his mischievous side some exercise

Talofa (06-26-01) The boys are hot and bothered

Community Service (06-10-01) Rafe and Brown do some helping out

Semantics (08-28-01) It's all in how you interpret

Dreams (10-03-01) Be careful what you do before bed

Birthdays (10-07-01) Just for TAE

Apparel (10-10-01) You are what you wear

Just Ducky (10-22-01) A visit from a friend (my second half drabble)

Tapdance (11-01-01) You always get found out

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