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U ferryboat's TS fanfiction

Special thanks to Dolphin, who proofread all my stories, even though she is not a TS fan.

Disclaimer: No, I don't own them, if I did, the show would still be running. And like most of the fanfic writer's I've read, I have no money. I do, however, have lots of apples, if you want some.

note: None of my stories have graphic love in them, and I don't usually use swear words, so there shouldn't be too much language either.

They're Under Where? (17KB) (8/00) (warning: this story is silly to the point of cartoonish, and has AU characterization) A crazy criminal chase late at night has an interesting conclusion.

What's the Deal? (20KB) (8/00 revised 10/12/00) (some violence) Blair goes undercover.

Book Writing (3KB) (8/00) a bit of hiking fun

Don't Pet the Dog (4KB) (9/00 revised 10/14/00) Blair receives an interesting gift from a student.

Lavender Surprise (4KB) (9/16/00 revised 10/14/00) Jim get's a lesson in aroma therapy.

Bear Encounter (4KB) (10/23/00) Blair goes missing. Chronologically, Blair Encounter comes first, if you want to read it that way.

Blair Encounter (4KB) (10/25/00) Bear Encounter from Blair's POV. Chronologically, this one comes first, if you want to read it that way.

Encounter epilogue (2KB) (11/01/00) The bear's impressions of Jim.

It's for a Good Cause (4KB) (11/05/00) (Warning: This story is silly, and not to be taken seriously) Blair takes part in a charity play.

Senseless (104KB) (??/??/??) It's just a nice day off in the park, until things go very wrong.

Drabbles ( 03/05/01) A collection of drabbles from my drabble a day list

TS Poetry ( 09/26/01) A collection of poetry with a TS theme

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