"Jesus is the only card I have left to play, but with that Card, I'll win the game." - Travis Allen 1981-99, Class of 2000, Auburn Adventist Academy

This story was written in responce to this challenge:
Challenge #12 - This is a *Silly Challenge*. Take 3 charaters from Major Crimes plus Jim, Blair, and Simon. They are chasing a "bad guy" into a wooded area know as the "widdy biddy cursed woods"
Story *MUST* include:
Pink elephant
Blue apples
Underwhere tree (note the spelling)
Annoying musical tunes
Ala peanut butter sandwiches.

note: After looking through the challenges on Jen & Suzie's Challenge Page, I just sat down and wrote this thing in one sitting. It was my first Sentinel fanfic, so be nice :P

They're Under Where?

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