"Jesus is the only card I have left to play, but with that Card, I'll win the game." - Travis Allen 1981-99, Class of 2000, Auburn Adventist Academy

Sentinel Miscellaneous

A music video I made: TS Music Video S&G The 59th Street Bridge Song [feelin' groovy] (2.03 MB - avi format)

I would like to thank Starfox for capturing most of the pictures used in this video. I again encourage you to check out her wonderful site. I would also like to thank Tegan for her help.

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I wrote a paper on Fanfiction for my English 102 class. I got an A :P

Here's a picture I made for my beginning Photoshop class's midterm.
Here's a 1024 X 768 framed version.

Here is a page on how I make drabbles