"Jesus is the only card I have left to play, but with that Card, I'll win the game." - Travis Allen 1981-99, Class of 2000, Auburn Adventist Academy

Sentinel challenges

What would happen if...

Normal Challenges

  1. ...Jim had to deal with an unexpected fireworks display OR the same at a time when Jim's senses were whacked already.

  2. ...Jim and Blair got volunteered to help with a local church VBS

  3. ...Jim had to drive one of those itty bitty cars used by clowns and in parades

  4. ...Jim or Blair found out that the other had a stuffed animal from childhood that they still occasionally sleep with.

  5. ...Jim and Blair got roped into manning the cascade PD booth at the county fair.

  6. ...Either Jim or Blair drove a car in a demolition derby, no serious injuries allowed on this one, just lots of fear over possible serious injuries :P

  7. ...Blair accidentally gave Jim a post hypnotic suggestion when he had him in that relaxing state he uses sometimes.

Silly or Weird Challenges

  1. ...Any or all of the Sentinel gang had to deal with Girl Scout cookies, horses, several children under 10, a lava lava (a wrap around skirt worn in Samoa, and other Pacific islands, by both men and women), a security blanket, at least minor owies, a pineapple, a zone out, a test gone wrong, all in one story

  2. ...Jim and Blair were to help a lost girl 3-5 yeas old, who found them by "following the big black kitty"

  3. ...A very dedicated (obsessed :P) fan of Sentinel were to day-dreaming about being IN a sentinel story, and suddenly, things were to get a little too real, a.k.a. A Conneticut Yankee in King Aurthors Court.

  4. ...Jim were to wear a lava lava (a wrap around skirt worn in Samoa, and other Pacific islands, by both men and women)

Missing Scene Challenges

  1. ...we were to learn what happened to the red jeep after it was towed in Switchman

  2. ...We got to see the conversation between Jim, Blair, and Simon when they "spill the beans" about the Sentinel thing.

  3. ...Blair were to take Amber (from 'Iceman') up on her offer of a date.

Crossover Challenges

  1. ...The Sentinel met The Pretender

  2. ...Quantum Leap jumped into The Sentinel

  3. ...The Invisible Man appeared on The Sentinel

Challenging Crossover Challenges

  1. ...The Dukes of Hazzard rode into The Sentinel

  2. ...Bewitched twitched their noise onto The Sentinel

  3. ...Mercedes Lackey's Serrated Edge books opened the veil to The Sentinel

Finish the story Challenges

  1. Runaway

  2. Visions

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