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A Matter of Size

Scene 1: exterior of ship

Overlay with Janeway's voice: Captains log Star date [?]. Our journey through the Delta Quadrant has been peaceful the last week, and the rest has been welcome. Crew morale has been high, but the supply situation may soon become serious and all bridge staff are ordered to be alert to any potential trading places. On a personal note, today is the birthday of one of our most promising young officers. B'Elanna has arranged a surprise party for Lieutenant Tapel Marice on the holodeck 1. I am looking forward to the party. . .

Scene 2: Outside holodeck

Torres: Thank you for agreeing to help with my [tech] simulation.

Tapel: (nods)

Doors open

Tapel: (stepping inside) B'Elanna, this doesn't look like a [tech] simulation.

Various crew (including Janeway) (jumping out, shouts) SURPRISE!

Crewmember: happy birthday Tapel.

Tapel: B'Elanna! (Said in delighted, surprised, and accusing tone)

Torres: (smiling) Guilty as charged. Enjoy

Janeway steps forward to greet Tapel.

Janeway: happy birthday Tapel. (turning to Torres) From her expression I'd say you succeeded in surprising her.

Torres: She didn't suspect a thing.

Janeway: Now, Tapel, there's on question I've always wanted to ask. There is nothing in your file to suggest to me why you would have such a distinct Vulcan name. Care to enlighten your captain?

Tapel: You mean Tuvok never told you?

Janeway: Tuvok? No. Why?

Tapel: (smiling) I was named after his wife.

Janeway: Really? He never mentioned it.

Tapel: My parents are scientists and moved to Vulcan five years before I was born. They knew Tuvok and T'Pel and my parents loved her name. They did change the spelling though. I was raised on Vulcan until I was 10 and my parents moved back to Earth.

Paris: That explains it!

Tapel: Just because I wouldn't go out with you.

Laughter, then suddenly Tapel goes ridged with pain. The pain passes and she almost falls, but Paris catches her.

Janeway: (concerned) Are you all right? I'll call the doctor.

Tapel: no, I'm fine now. You don't need to call the doctor.

The party continues

Kim: (from bridge) Captain, I hate to interrupt but you wanted to be informed if we spotted any planets that seemed suitable for obtaining supplies. I have a Class M planet on sensors that is only a day out of our way. Should we divert?

Neelix: (appearing at Janeway's elbow) I think we should Captain. We are running out of supplies and need to restock soon.

Janeway: All right, you heard him Mr. Kim, head for the planet.

Fade to black

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