"Jesus is the only card I have left to play, but with that Card, I'll win the game." - Travis Allen 1981-99, Class of 2000, Auburn Adventist Academy

Apple Lesson

An object lesson

If you take an apple and cut it at the right angle you will find a star in the middle. It doesn't matter what the apple looks like on the outside, be it bumped, bruised, misshapen, cut, wormy etc. It doesn't matter what color the apple is. It can be yellow, green, red, orange, or splotches of more than one color. No matter what it looks like on the outside if you cut it just right it has a star in the center.

Our lives are like these apples. It doesn't matter our color or race. It doesn't matter if we have a crooked nose or seemingly too long of legs. It doesn't matter if we have the bruises and worms of sin or the cuts of a hard life. No matter what we are like God can cut away the exterior and deep inside, we all have a star. Without Jesus as a knife to cut away our sins we cannot show our star to the world.

No matter how beautiful the apple is on the outside, you cannot see the star without first cutting it open. We cannot be a star for God unless we let him cut away the things of this world. It will be painful but the star of God's love that will shine through will be reward enough.