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Lights, Camera...Tianna


Break a Leg

Writen as a round robin

Part 1: by Siamkatze

"Oh boy!" was the first thing Sam could say after finding himself staring into a camera. "Cut!" he heard a voice yelling from somewhere. "Cut! Cut! Cut! Stan, why didn't you learn your part? And how often have I told you not to look into the camera?"

Sam looked at his surroundings, trying to find out where he was. Obviously he was in a studio, with a lot of people running around and a lot of cameras pointing at him. "Uhm... can I have a break?" he asked no one particular. He still couldn't make out the man who had spoken to him before.

"You just had a break, Stan!" he heard a female voice from his right. Sam turned around and saw a woman with long black hair who was wearing a red dress. "You know," she said, "you will never have a brilliant career if you are having one break after another."

Sam sighed. This Leap was not getting better. In fact, it was getting worse and worse. Oh boy.


Part 2: by Alicia

Looking around, the set was fairly small. He remembered having done a soap opera before, but this didn't even seem to be that big of a production. With the crew members taking Sam's line flub and the subsequent pause to busy themselves with makeup touches, costume adjustments, and basic set cleaning, Sam had a chance to size up what kind of production it was.

"Uhm... Can I please have a few minutes alone with the script? I seem to have forgotten where we are," he spoke out, hoping to direct the question to the voice in the darkness. The woman beside him sighed heavily, then threw her arms up and walked away. Great. He was making friends already.

"Fine," the director's voice boomed. "Sally, can you get Stan a script? Everyone take 10 while Mr. Memory gets his act together." A tall skinny man with dark hair and a rather arrogantly pointed nose approached Sam quickly. "But I'm warning you, Stan. We don't have time for this kind of thing. You get it, and I mean fast. And if I so much as see you *glance* at that camera again, you're out of here!"

A shorter, plumper blonde woman who appeared to be in her mid 30's came running over to Sam with a photocopied script in hand. She looked at him and blushed as she sheepishly handed it to him. "Here you go, Stan. I could help you run lines if you want. It would be my privilege."

Oh geez, Sam thought. Sally's got a crush. He looked down at the script she placed in his hands and read the cover. "Promicide 4: The Final Dance."

Sam sighed heavily. It was going to be one of *those* leaps.


Part 3: by U ferryboat (me)

Sam's thoughts were interrupted by Sally. "So do you want my help?"

Sam thought quickly, he didn't want to get into a relationship without more info about the leap, but he didn't want to burn his bridges either. "Maybe next time" That would have to do for now. Sally looked disappointed, but didn't seem to upset. "Ok, I wouldn't take to long reviewing if I were you. Stephan doesn't like to be kept waiting."


"Geez Stan, you get hit on the head or something? Stephan is the director, you know, the one who will kick you but if you don't get moving.

"Oh, yeah, sure, I'll, I'll just take a minuet to look the script over." Sam quickly escaped off the set and headed over to a row of trailers. He sliped into the first one, hoping that it was his. Once in it's safety, he took another look at the script he'd been handed.

Before Sam could read anything the sound of the door opening cause him to look up. A young girl with long brown hair walked in. Sam guessed she was around 15. Just then, she glanced up and caught sight of him. "Yo, you seen Mom around? And what are you doing in here anyway? I thought you were in the middle of a big scene."

"Ah, I was just taking a break, reviewing the script."

"Oh, fine, whatever. Listen, I gota run. Mom hasn't showed up yet, so you'll have to take Tianna
till she shows. I *can't* be late to this, it would, like, ruin my whole life."


"Hello! Dad, have you been spending too much time under the spot light? Getting a little heat stroke or something?"

"Er, Aw"

The girl's tone was heavy with sarcasm when she replied. "Tianna is your little baby girl, the adorable one, the one all the producers want to sign. Don't tell me you forgot her?"

"Well, I..."

"Never mind, I gota go, I'll send her in" With that, the girl bounced out of the room. A minuet later a little head poked through the door.

"Who are you? I want my daddy!" Sam sighed *Not a kid again*


at this point we had a split in the story. the first story, Break a Leg is only one more segment long. Lights, Camera...Tianna is much longer.

* *