"Jesus is the only card I have left to play, but with that Card, I'll win the game." - Travis Allen 1981-99, Class of 2000, Auburn Adventist Academy

The Witch and Rapunzel

An English assignment

Now I'm sure you've all heard the story of Rapunzel and the mean witch. Well here's the witch's version, taken right from the witch's diary.

It all started when my neighbor stole something from my garden. Well, I went over to talk to them. I asked them why they hadn't asked me first instead of stealing. Well, I had been going to be perfectly agreeable about it but they just got mad. They said I was a mean old witch and that they were going to kill me! I didn't want to hurt them so I froze them so I could leave.

As I was leaving, their small child, who had just began to crawl, tried to follow me. Not wanting to disappoint the parents I shut the door on the child. A little while after I was home, to my surprise, the child came up to my house. No matter what I did, I couldn't make the child go home. So as not to hurt the parents I made them forget they had ever had a child.

I fixed up the best room in the house but the child chose to live in a tower surrounded by thorny bushes. What she ever saw in that place, I never knew. We lived together for years with my giving the child her every want.

This turned out to be a mistake because soon the child, whom I named Rapunzel, was spoiled. She locked the door to her room and thought it a great joke to make me climb up her hair when I wanted to visit. One day a prince overheard me going up. When I had gone He imitated my voice and climbed up.

The child had a great imagination and being spoiled she wanted everything her way. She immediately told the prince that I had locked her up here and would he please rescue her. She was enjoying her game when I found out. To save the prince great embarrassment (Rapunzel really didn't love him) I turned Rapunzel into a bird.

I had planned to reverse the spell after the prince couldn't find her and went away. But you know how spoiled children are! Rapunzel flew away from home out into the forest where she got quite lost. I would have looked for her but the prince went looking instead. When the prince found her that silly Rapunzel went and fell in love with him. At about the same time I undid the spell so I could find Rapunzel.

Of course, the prince heard the real story from Rapunzel. Thinking that a witch would never do anything that kind he figured I had brainwashed Rapunzel so of course he told the story a bit different.

And that, the witch concluded, is the real story of Rapunzel.