"Jesus is the only card I have left to play, but with that Card, I'll win the game." - Travis Allen 1981-99, Class of 2000, Auburn Adventist Academy

To Dye or not to Dye

A true story about my dad

Lloyd (my dad) was hanging out at home with nothing to do when two of his friends, Doc and Gary, dropped by with a "great" idea.

"What's up Doc?" asked Lloyd.

"Gary just had a neat idea. We're going to turn the Summer Set fountain blue with Potassium Permanganate."

"Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"Sure, it's a great idea. I'll drive my bug and Doc'll throw it, we just need your Potassium Permanganate and you can ride along in the backseat for the fun of it."

"Yea Lloyd, Gary and I really want to do it."

The Summer Set fountain is in the median between in coming and out going traffic of the ritzy housing development of Summer Set. The fountain was about 8' wide and 30' long. It consisted of three or four tiers cascading down the hill that the housing development was built on. Summer Set was the first elite type neighborhood in the Eastgate area. The fountain was well lighted and had lots of large fancy bushes around it.

They made a pass to case the place then went on to the end of the street. Gary swung the car around and came back to drop Doc off but when they got to the fountain Doc chickened out so Gary drove on by. When they got to the end of the street, Gary stopped the car.

"Okay Doc, you drive and I'll throw it."

"I can't drive a stick but Lloyd can." Lloyd sighed under his breath.

"Fine, Let's hurry up and get this over with."

So Lloyd got stuck driving the car. They drove passed once again and dropped Gary off to hide in the bushes. Lloyd drove down to the end of the street and turned around. As soon as he saw Lloyd head back Gary dumped the dye in the fountain and threw the lid and jar in two different directions into the bushes. He heard the jar break as he turned to see Lloyd headed up the street with the car. Gary jumped in and Lloyd swung the car around toward his house.

Gary had gotten blue dye all over his hands when he had dumped it so Lloyd got some Hydrogen Peroxide out of his chemistry set and bleached the Potassium Permanganate off his hands.

"Hey that hurts! Don't do that!" Gary exclaimed.

"You have to get the dye off your hands and besides it doesn't hurt a bit. See, I've got it all over my hands and you don't see me complaining."

"It does too hurt!" The reason it didn't hurt Lloyd was because he didn't have Potassium Permanganate on his hands to react with the Hydrogen Peroxide. Doc walked home and after having his hands bleached Gary hopped in his car and headed for home. It was their bad luck that a cop had been guarding the fountain and had gotten the license of Gary's bug and put an APB on it. The only reason the cop was there was to keep kids from throwing soap into the fountain to see it bubble. Gary was picked up by a police officer on his way home. They took him down to the Bellevue police headquarters. Sitting on a counter in the room they took him to was the jar glued back together and with the lid replaced. Even in the face of evidence, Gary kept his cool and didn't give himself away by undue attention to the jar.

"What's that blue stuff on your hands?" asked the first officer.

"I don't know."

"Well we have ways to find out. We need you to submit to a chemical analysis."

"I refuse."

"Okay, we call your parents go pick then up in a patrol car and bring them down here and have them okay the test."

"Well, maybe you can do the test."

He chose to take the test. And what did they use for the test? You guessed it, Hydrogen Peroxide. Because Lloyd had bleached his hands already, they couldn't prove anything and then Gary was very glad that his hands had been bleached. The next day, when Gary told Lloyd what had happened he said that the test came back that he was 85% Hydrogen Peroxide so they couldn't hold him because they had no proof. The moral of this story is that crime doesn't pay. My dad never got to see the fountain after the deed was done and the prank didn't work anyway. The fountain had a chlorine filter system and the Potassium Permanganate just released a whole lot of chlorine gas in a big hurry along with ruining the filter system. The stupid thing never even got in the papers, and they almost got caught for a failed prank that hardly anyone even noticed. The final note is a quote from my dad, "It wasn't worth the risk."